Just Because

Just because I only worked a few hours this morning and I get a snow day…

And, just because my Handsome Hubby drives around delivering mail in the worst snow, sleet and freezing rain..I am making Hamburger Soup for him for lunch.

Here we go:

photo (1)

The beginning of every good soup, celery, onions, carrots, garlic, salt, pepper,  italian seasoning, sauteed in a little olive oil and bacon fat…just because I like it.


Ground beef, browned and seasoned with salt, pepper, italian seasoning, once browned the pan is deglazed with red wine…yum!

photo (3)

Add a can of mushrooms with the juice…juice equals flavor, I would have used fresh if I had them, these are fine.

photo (4)

In a bowl using a stick blender, (bagellettes say “twitterbator”) I puree a can of diced tomatoes with half a jar or good marinara and half a jar of red wine, I am not a fan of big honking chunks of tomato, I am obviously a fan of wine in cooking.

photo (2)

On the side I have cooked 3 cups of pasta (elbows just because they are Handsome Hubby’s favorite) in water seasoned with salt and white wine (yes more wine) and a bay leaf. I throw the bay leaf into the soup when the pasta is cooked, I keep the pasta on the side so each of us may add as much to our soup as we wish, and so I can reheat and reheat the soup without the pasta getting nasty.

photo (5)

The result, yummy flavorful hearty soup that is ready in just about as much time as it took to write this post.

And just because  I love it, Let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOW!!! Hurry home Honey, your lunch is ready!

photo (7)

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