From where I sit

From where I sit, so much has happened in the last few months.

Our 3 grandchildren who lived with us, with their parents(my daughter and her husband), moved across the country to California to start a new life. The grieving process has begun, and each day is a challenge. Big Loss.

My son and his wife, and their beautiful daughter announced that they would be moving back to the area, his job will bring them back home. Let the healing begin. Big gain.

Our other daughter has met her soul mate and they spend their time traveling and hiking and camping and making healthy changes to their lives. And (!) they spend a lot more time with us. Big gain.

I got my cancer free diagnosis, let the healing continue…Huge gain!!!

We begin yet another journey, to get my handsome husband, happy and healthy in time for retirement. Testing and waiting are among the things that we do to fill the weeks between camp weekends, but when he feels better it will all be worth it. Working towards a big gain.

From where I sit, things are a little cloudy, but if I am honest with myself, the scales are tipping more to the gain side…so life is good.

I have returned to kayaking regularly…this gives me time to reflect, pray, talk to myself, soak up nature in it’s glory around me, I have a friend who encouraged me to get back out and to her I am so grateful, I thought after all those surgeries I wouldn’t have the strength or the stamina and I was wrong. I feel amazing! Huge gain!

Can you feel those scales.., I can.

Here is a view from where I started this weekend, rough water…

This is how I felt as I headed out today

As I turned the corner, my mood changed I picked up this companion along the way…


It’s amazing what a little perspective can do for your mood…


From where I sit, calm seas, ready to face another week!



Here’s to you Cindy Wightman, thank you for helping me get my groove back!

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One Response to From where I sit

  1. Annette says:

    Beautiful post! And Welcome Back! Annette

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