Emma Jeanne the Beauty Queen

I can’t believe it’s happening, Emma Jeanne the Beauty Queen is getting married in just over a month.  She is 4th of my “Bagelettes”  (not counting Kerner) to get married, she is the 4th Bagelette to also get a quilt, Vanessa, Meghan and Michelle each have one, actually Vanessa has 2…1 for her sweet baby… I have so many in the works..Kerner’s just needs the hand sewing on the binding…get to it already, Bonnie’s for Levi just needs sandwiching.. but I keep starting more.. I can’t help it.  I will finish Emma’s before she goes back to Chicago on Thursday, finish Kerner’s and Bonnie’s over the weekend, and get started on Jackie’s,  oh dear, and then comes Nikki …too many girls…so many quilts… Help!  I mean it if anyone ever wants to come get a quick lesson, I could use the help in getting some finishing touches on the pile of ALMOST DONES!

 Here is Emma’s, minus borders..they will be put on tomorrow, and Wednesday will sandwich and tie, heaven help me!



I think this one is lovely, It’s my favorite quilt designer’s pattern, called Quick Trip, I an an Eleanor Burns fan for sure, I love assembly line sewing…and I even devise a few shortcuts, if that’s even possible, that Eleanor doesn’t suggest! Quilting is one of my passions and I am committed to sewing an hour or 2 every day until Camp season. 

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2 Responses to Emma Jeanne the Beauty Queen

  1. Annette says:

    All I can say is WOW! And if you really need help, let me know! Would love to help out, either your place or mine! A

  2. willysuz says:

    Thanks ! It is all done!

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