We Revel in Food Part Deux!

Will we did it, my trusty sidekick Kyla and I pulled off the dinner of the season, the 5 courses of wonderfulness.

As I mentioned before, I was catering the Spencertown Revels at the house I care for in Spencertown.

The food was marvelous…despite a couple of stressful hitches in my get along….we pull in and start to unload the trunk and Kyla let’s out with one of her trademark “”oooohhhh  nnnnooo!” ‘s… I walk over and look and the flourless chocolate cake I had taken out of the oven just 15 minutes earlier had slid over and was sitting at a 45 degree angle smooshed against the bag it was in…oh no indeed..always good at improvising or punting as I call it , I set down the bags I was carrying..jiggled the cake back into a shape and took it into the house and placed it into the freezer…take that damned cake!  Somehow the rest the supplies got into the house… if you do not have a second right hand…you need one.. they are wonderful!

I walk in the house, the hostess , my darling Donna, is still wandering around writing notes, curlers in hair, and I look at her and say… didn’t the cocktail hour start at 5:30??? She looks at me blankly and says did it?? I thought it was at 6:30? And we will be back here at 7 for dinner.  7 ???? WTF…you told me dinner was at 8-8:30..I was in panic mode… it  was already 5:45..oooohhhhh  nnnnooooo!!!!!! I would have been here an hour or so ago.  She goes in to get dressed, now I’m in full blown panic mode… off they go…she calls me from the party and says we will be back at 7:30 but one of the couples will be late they are the organizers and they have to close up…bottom line they never sat down for dinner until almost 9 pm…phew  Thank goodness I prepared courses at time of service and not some overcooked dry meal due to timing issues….YES this girl can punt!

I wish I had taken photos but I gave my memory card from my camera to Emily to play with her camera, and my i-phone was dead…so you just have to imagine all of the delightful food…and the dessert…that cake not only survived but was a monumental success…I can still taste it!

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2 Responses to We Revel in Food Part Deux!

  1. Kyla says:

    The dinner was deliciously put together and served, dispite the bumps. And the chocolate cake was perfect after all. My new found favorite dessert that is simple to make and tastes like from a high class bakery. As our favorite guest of the evening would say: “yum,yum!!!” You did a great job.

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